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Before you use your Sabai diffuser please read the following online general information guide followed by the appropriate online manuals (will follow after guide);

To reduce damage to your diffuser or yourself please;

  1. Do not use your diffuser on flammable surfaces, flammable materials other heat sources such as but not limited to your stove/microwave and open flames such as, but not limited to candles.
  2. Do not use if the cables, power adaptor or diffuser show any signs of damage
  3. Do not use if the diffuser and cables have been immersed in water or had liquid spilt near/around/on it
  4. Use the cable provided, do not use any other cable
  5. Use the power adaptor provided, do not use any other power adaptor
  6. Use indoors and on a flat, dry surface only
  7. Do not block or obstruct any air inlet
  8. Do not use any metal objects inside the diffuser, including if trying to clean the inner bowl
  9. Do not allow others to use the diffuser unless they have read the online general information guide and online manual
  10. Do not allow children to use the diffuser
  11. Do not leave the diffuser unattended
  12. Always dilute your essential oil or water based fragrance oils as per recommended dilution for each individual oil. All our stocked essential oils and fragrance oils have the correct dilution listed on each oil.
  13. Do not use any other liquid with your diffuser outside the recommended essential oils and water based fragrance oils, it may be toxic or harmful to your health. All our stocked essential oils and fragrance oils are safe to use per their instructions.
  14. Do not shake or tilt the diffuser
  15. Do not try and clean the diffuser under running water or by submerging it in water

Common Troubleshooting

  1. Diffuser does not have power? Cables/power adaptor were not connected securely or correctly. Please remove all the cables, check them and plug/insert them back in gently but firmly (for usb check they are the correct way up)
  2. Diffuser does not have any mist? Check the water level is correct, not too much water (overfilled past the max line) and not too low. Make sure the water is clean. For diffusers that are already in use, make sure that the diffuser is clean and their is no build up of scum and oils. Check the air inlet is not clogged with dust, grim, scum or oil residue. Confirm that the diffuser cover is closed correctly. Do not shake or tilt the product or try cleaning it by running the diffuser base under water or submerging it in water.
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